This app for Android performs estimation of the Index Color of Citrus attending the Spanish quality standards for citrus fruits, allowing saving the result of the analysis in jpg format images. When ICC_Calc is initially installed, it starts the download of the OpenCv libraries by means of OpenCV Manager. These libraries are required for the image analysis of the application. The process operates as follows:

-When the application starts, several controls appear in a landscape format at the left of the display, reserving the right zone for capturing the image, from which we want to extract information about the ICC and other color spaces.

-The effective zone for the color analysis is contained in a circular area with possibility of variable radius. This circle appears at the left part of the image zone in order to be close to the camera and to the led, which can be activated from Preferences menu.

-If the Textures control is set to on, the textures on the left can be selected, whose ICC is approximated, and superimposed to the snap area (circle). Otherwise, the circle appears with a black background.

-Below the textures icons, there are the “Circle –” and “Circle +” controls that allow making smaller or larger the size of the effective snap area respectively (they control the size of the circle between a minimum and a maximum size).

-Likewise, below the size circle controls, there are the “Lock EXP” and “Lock AWB” controls, which lock the exposure and white balance of the camera respectively, in the case that the device of the hardware provides these features.

-In Preferences, we can configure the application to modify the text parameters, to activate/deactivate the led of the flash, or to select the different color spaces to show.

-The results of the analysis can be stored by touching on the display device inside the image zone. The information stored consists on a snapshot of the image zone in a jpg format file.

Download ICC-Calc here


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